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We help individuals, teams, and organisations to improve the quality of their efforts so they can realise their ambitions.

We help people give up their worries and thrive.

We are a people growth practice that help entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners help their people improve the quality of their efforts so they can transform their results and thrive without a doubt.

We believe that organisations don't work, people do and by helping people work better and more efficiently, we are helping our clients get the unfair advantage they need over those who fail to invest in their most precious resources—people who do the heavy lifting.

Our services include:

- Shadowmatch® Consulting: We help you place the right people in the right jobs so they can reach their full potential.

- Development, Coaching, and Mentorship: We offer tailored programs that help people change their habits so they can work better.

- Wellness and Prosperity Advancement: We help you create a workplace where people can thrive both personally and professionally.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives and create a workforce that performs with excellence.

We believe that by investing in people, you can achieve your goals and transform your results.

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We are not a one-size-fits-all solution and we design our programs to fit your specific needs, challenges, and objectives.

We are accredited Shadowmatch® Consultants and fulfilment coaches and we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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We are determined to help individuals, teams, and organisations improve the quality of their efforts so they can transform their results and realise their ambitions.

Here’s how we can help:

Personal Fulfilment and Growth

With the Shadowmatch system we help individuals to achieve personal fulfilment and growth by providing them with various resources and programs.

These include a personal portal, personal reports, relationship reports, personal development programs, and a choice of fulfilment, career, or relationship coaching that will enable individuals to grow so they can thrive without a doubt.

Shadowmatch helps individuals to understand their habits, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, and how they affect their personal and professional relationships. Together we also helps individuals to develop critical habits for success in different environments, such as business, sport, or academic.

We empower individuals to better understand themselves and others.

Promote Responsible Employment

We utilise the Shadowmatch system that helps businesses to optimise their human resources by analysing the behavioural patterns and habits of individuals and teams.

It can be used for various purposes, such as recruiting, redeploying, succession planning, restructuring, merging, and team building.

Shadowmatch uses top performers in a business as a benchmark to determine who will be best for a specific job or role.

It also provides insights into the behavioural diversity, subgroups, and preferred roles of team members.

Together with Shadowmatch we aim to help people grow so they can thrive and reach their goals while building and developing winning teams.

Provide Employee Support

With the help of the Shadowmatch system that helps employees achieve optimal workplace success we provide them with various support programs.

These programs include mentorship, personal reports, performance counselling, team role clarification, and structured coaching.

Shadowmatch helps employees to understand and develop their habits, improve their performance, and enhance their teamwork skills.

Together with Shadowmatch we aim to empower employees as responsible corporate citizens and business owners, leaders and managers who are making things a little better everyday so we can all prosper and thrive.

Craft Winning Teams

With the help of the Shadowmatch system we help businesses to build and develop winning teams by analysing the behaviour and habits of team members.

We can measure the behavioural diversity, preferred roles, subgroups, and strengths and weaknesses of teams. It can also provide team reports, team building sessions, team conflict facilitation, team onboarding, restructuring, optimisation, and trends identification.

Together with Shadowmatch we aim to enhance the performance and success of individuals and teams by matching them with the best fit for their job and role.

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I am so grateful for the Shadowmatch coaching program. It was a life-changing experience that helped me discover new aspects of myself, break free from old habits, and embrace positive change. Reinhardt was an amazing coach who guided me with wisdom, compassion, and enthusiasm. He challenged me to grow and improve both personally and professionally, and supported me every step of the way. He is a true mentor and a source of inspiration. Thanks to him and the Shadowmatch program, I have learned how to make happiness a habit.


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Project Manager, Telesure Investment Holdings

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